• Soñemos un Bosque

    Nos lanzamos al agua con el primer videoclip en 360 de Aterciopelados. “Soñemos un Bosque” es una experiencia inmersiva que estará lista durante el primer semestre 2020. Una alianza entre 4direcciones, Aterciopelados,YUMIC y la artista nariñense Daira Benavides. Foto: Felipe Santana.

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    Jan. 04 2020
  • C1100433

    Garden of Vision

    Sacred Coca is the first episode of the Series “Garden of Vision” an interactive Virtual Reality (VR) cinematographic documentary series, an immersive journey towards remote destinations of the Americas and of human consciousness arriving to the heart of indigenous rituals with sacred plants. Each episode is an ethnographic and spiritual exploration into the fascinating cultural origins of some controversial plants and their roots in ancient indigenous cultures. VR is the perfect medium to intimately transport users and expand their perceptions of the medicinal and ritual use of Coca, Tobacco, Peyote, and Ayahuasca in their territories of origin.

    Sacred Coca will take us in an expanded journey into traditional communities in the amazon and in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, to witness how people still keep alive a 14,000 year old tradition that involves an intimate relationship with this magic plant. We wish to explore the alchemy between cutting-edge technological tools, non-linear narratives and inaccessible ancient knowledge, to create profound transformative experiences in the viewer.

    Garden of Vision Demo was shot in the Colombian Amazon with the support of the 2017 Colombia – Canada (CMF) NEW MEDIA FUND and the strategic alliance between 4Direcciones and Deep Inc. Canada .We wish to go further and study the possibilities and power of experimental documentary and the natural surrealism of the subjects by using mainly multi-branching techniques and 360 spatial sound design.

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    Apr. 10 2019