• El Origen de la Noche

  • Juan Fernando Herrán

  • Sidestepper

  • Festival Osos de Anteojos

  • VIII Premio Luis Caballero

  • GAIA Cop20

  • Carlos Bunga

  • One River

  • El Ruiseñor y la Noche

  • Guardianes del agua

  • Kolt

  • ECO S.O.S.

  • Fresh

  • Omm-moo Yoga para niños

  • Figúrate

  • Jaguares del Yuruparí

  • Astronomías Indígenas

  • Visiones del universo

  • El Deber de Fenster


  • Join the Amazon

  • The Sand and The rain

  • Guardianes de la Libertad

  • Lado B de la historia

  • Encuentros Sagrados

  • La Selva Sabia

  • Ciudades Imaginadas

  • Plástica

  • Me suena

  • Tiempos de Paz

About Us

We are Diana Rico and Richard Decaillet, a collaborative duo of Colombian artists, based in Bogotá. 13 years ago we created 4Direcciones as an art project and a production company. We explore the relationship between art, spirituality and territory through documentaries, feature films, animation series, art, sound, exhibitions and live events.

We are committed to creating high-quality cultural, indigenous and environmentally-conscious content to inspire people and spark change. 4Direcciones has evolved to become a space for dialogue between the ancestral practices of the native peoples of America and those of the urban world.

We aim to build bridges of knowledge, crafts and tools in order to learn from each other and celebrate our cultural biodiversity.


ONE We believe in invoking the four sacred directions before beginning any project TWO We believe that all that we think, say and do forcefully resounds in the east, south, west and north. THREE We believe in the 4 winds which carry messages to all corners of the earth. FOUR We believe that audiovisuals are a tool, an arrow, a caldron, a fertile jungle plot, a box of feathers and a burning fire. They are the message and the messenger, good omen and also bad advice. That is why they are our sacred tool and we treat them carefully. FIVE We believe in audiovisuals as the result of a collective process of creation, a meeting place, and for that reason believe in the wisdom of all of us who work here. SIX We believe in our people: we are thankful for the strength of their heart, the determination of their stride and their power to transform all that they touch with their hands. SEVEN We believe than an audiovisual piece is not only a document or an occasional record of a moment but the accompaniment of a process. It is never an end: hopefully it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. EIGHT We believe in good relations and that they uphold our creations like a net or spider´s web. NINE We believe that imagination is a form of remembrance. We believe that the process of audiovisual creation is an exercise in recovering memory. It is the possibility of heading towards the origin: for that reason all our creations are 100% original. TEN We believe we are witnesses of this age and we must tell everyone that the memory of America has arisen after five hundred years of misunderstandings. ELEVEN We are thankful for sacred sites and plants and lakes, and the natural strength of our territory which nourishes this company. TWELVE We are thankful for being the heirs of the fortune of the sun and the moon which the ancestors of the four Directions bequeathed us. THIRTEEN We are thankful to the spectacled bear for existing and we wish him to continue dancing for the continuity of life.

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